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  • Fast Browser Pro  51)   Fast Browser Pro 8.1
    Fast Browser is a powerful Web Browser, can open up to 180 web pages at the same time, features voice function, marvelously searching, translation and more.

  • Windows midi/wav MCI Player  52)   Windows midi/wav MCI Player 1.0
    This is a Windows MCI Player for listening to .midi or .wav files. The application was built for windows using ActiveX controls. For more information, please visit

  • Article Directory  53)   Article Directory 1.0
    Free article directory toolbar for Internet Explorer. Free article directory resources.

  • Spiderman II Web Browser  55)   Spiderman II Web Browser 2.0
    Spiderman II Browser based on the upcoming Sony Pictures Movie (In Theatres June 30th). Safely explore the web with your favorite spidey pal. NEW: Improved Popup Blocker. Faster Page Loading and Reduced download size

  • Apple Macbook Pro  56)   Apple Macbook Pro 1.0
    I just wanted to post the cool multitasking Apple MacBook Pro. I mainly wanted to show some basic effects that the computer is capable of.

  • Nail Art  57)   Nail Art 1.0
    Nail Art Toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find nail art supply, tips, blogs and videos.

  • A_AutoSurfer  58)   A_AutoSurfer 1.2.1
    Automatically browse a list of URLs, Any text file will do as list. just make sure it has only one url per line. or create your lists from within the program using add this feature.

  • Sinope Summarizer PE Trial  59)   Sinope Summarizer PE Trial 1.2
    Sinope Summarizer PE enables you to summarize the content of a webpage while browsing the internet. It uses advanced Natural Language Processing techniques to summarize the text of a webpage, while leaving the layout and graphics intact.

  • Sir AdGuard  60)   Sir AdGuard 1.0
    Sir AdGuard is the latest in ad blocking technology. Immunize your system from tens of thousands of adsites, tracking cookies, spyware, Active-X controls, Browser Helper Objects, and more! Effectively blocks nearly 90% of all web advertisements.

  • Blogvani Hindi Toolbar  62)   Blogvani Hindi Toolbar 1
    Blogvani Hindi Toolbar offers you updated Hindi blogs, links to resources for computing in Hindi, all major Hindi news portals, hindi magazines, and a variety of other resources and websites that you need to enjoy working in the Hindi langauge.

  • Orca Browser  63)   Orca Browser
    Orca Browser is a fast stable multi-window browser with Rss Reader, AutoFills, Online Profile Storage, Popup Stopper, Cleaner and Yahoo/Google Search.Orca Browser allows user to browse multiple Web sites simultaneously and block all unwanted popupder

  • Netscape 7.01  64)   Netscape 7.01
    The latest version of the very popular web browser.

  • Debt Reduction  65)   Debt Reduction 5.0
    Debt reduction toolbar for Internet Explorer. Search for lawyer facilitated debt relief information and resources.

  • FineBrowser Free  66)   FineBrowser Free 3.2.35
    Open multiple web pages in a single browser window. Block annoying pop-ups. Saves web pages into groups and open them with a single click. Hint window for visited pages contains comments, screenshots and more. Web pages translating and voicing…

  • PageRank Status Checker Extension for Chrome  67)   PageRank Status Checker Extension for Chrome 1.0
    A really toolbar extension that automatically shows Google PageRank of the current web page in Google Chrome. To install this extension first, you should Add -enable-extensions parameter in the targe filed of Chrome shortcut.

  • STOPzilla  68)   STOPzilla
    CNET Editors' Choice & Laptop Editors' Choice Award winner! Detect and remove Spyware & Adware with STOPzilla's award-winning Real-Time protection. Features include Pop-up Blocker, Phishing protection, Hi-jack killer & much more. Download STOPzilla now.

  • Auto Web Browser  69)   Auto Web Browser 1.4
    A tool for automating Internet surfing. Combines web crawler functionality with advanced keywords text search, logical analysis of the document layout and offline browsing. Free software.

  • Bakugan Battle Pack  70)   Bakugan Battle Pack 1.0
    The Bakugan Battle Pack consists of marbles and gate cards. The marbles are magnetic spherical containers that must be rolled onto the metal gate cards in order to release the Bakugan that is held within.

  • PC Speed-Boost Toolbar  72)   PC Speed-Boost Toolbar 1.3
    PC Speed Boost & Registry Fix Toolbar. The All-In-One PC Mechanic! The PC Speed-Boost Toolbar is a browser addon that instantly boosts your PC performance with free registry scanning, spyware scanning and ad-blocking tools for faster browsing.

  • Free Picture Finder  73)   Free Picture Finder 1.0
    Free Picture Finder.You can use freely all the pictures currently distributed by this homepage.But please do not break the law of Japan

  • Paris Hilton Browser  75)   Paris Hilton Browser 1.5
    Download Advanced Tabbed Web Browser featuring socialite Paris Hilton. Aside from this browser having a Paris Hilton Interface, its features include: Pop-Up Blocker, tabbed multiple site browsing, auto login, and save groups of pages. Now Free!

  • iMacros for Firefox  76)   iMacros for Firefox
    iMacros relieves the repetition of checking on the same sites every day, remembering passwords and filling out web forms or web scraping. Web professionals can use the software for functional testing and regression web testing of web applications.

  • MixBrowser  77)   MixBrowser 1.5
    MixBrowser is a fast, secure and powerful tabbed browser, with unique offline capabilities. Not only will it make your browsing easier than ever, but it will allow you to build your own knowledge base and picture library from internet.

  • ClickBank Product News  78)   ClickBank Product News 1.0
    Browser toolbar for MS Internet Explorer / Mozilla Firefox that allows you to search in thousands of info products (ebooks, software, services) at ClickBank Marketplace as well as to track new ClickBank products on a daily basis.

  • Link Commander  79)   Link Commander
    Link Commander is a browser-independent bookmark organizer, that enables you to efficiently manage huge ammounts of Internet bookmarks and local links. The program supports all major Windows browsers: Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE.

  • LED 3D TV  80)   LED 3D TV 1.004
    The latest in LED 3D TV developments. 3D is now viable in your home living room. SAmsung recently intrdouced the latest in 3D technology into their LED TVs.

  • Cayman Browser  81)   Cayman Browser 2.2
    Cayman Browser is a tabbed, innovative Web browser with full features to improve your Internet surfing.

  • SuperCool Bookmark  82)   SuperCool Bookmark 2.15
    SuperCool Bookmark is a bookmark organizer and web form filler that can collect,organize,browse and search bookmarks or email address, and fill in web form.

  • Image Zoom  83)   Image Zoom 1.50
    Image Zoom is a plug-in for Internet Explorer. It is a quick and convenient tool to enlarge and view the small images.

  • Save Tube Video 3.0 - YouTube downloader  84)   Save Tube Video 3.0 - YouTube downloader 3.8
    Save Tube Video 3.8 - is a program that can save video from, as well as any other tube sites such as:,,, Program makes it possible to convert a video easy to view the avi format.

  • Google Browser  85)   Google Browser 3.5
    While other browsers offer only Paid Search Results, the Google Browser by FunBrowser offers only Google In-Interface search, Quick access to Google News, Search, Image Search, Google Labs, etc.

  • Smart Explorer  86)   Smart Explorer 6.1
    Smart Explorer is the fast, smart, and secure Internet browser. Smart Explorer kills pop-up ads, filters multimedia downloads, has a multi document interface, and integrates the top search engines, allowing for searches of multiple sites at once.

  • Happy Browser  87)   Happy Browser 1.03
    Happy Browser is a multifunctional web browser with integrated many utilities.Find anonymous,free or fastest proxy,download proxy lists from web,IP to country,surf the web anonymously,block AD,execute script,network tools.Protect your privacy.

  • 4IE iMacros Web Macro Recorder  88)   4IE iMacros Web Macro Recorder 5.10
    iMacros relieves the repetition of checking on the same sites every day, remembering passwords and filling out web forms or web scraping. Web professional can use the software for functional testing and regression web testing of web applications.

  • ShopAtHome Toolbar  89)   ShopAtHome Toolbar 3.26
    Always get best possible deal with exclusive coupons & cash back at over 2,000 Stores. Why pay more? Save up to 30% with Shop At Home Toolbar. It will intelligently search through 1000's of limited offers, coupons from your favourite stores.

  • Aros Magic Viewer  90)   Aros Magic Viewer 1.0
    Browse your digital camera photos or web downloads at any size supported by your monitor. Enlarge small images to reveal hidden details. Resolution-independent renditions of digital photo. Drag-and-drop support. Unicode compliance.

  • URL Organizer 2  91)   URL Organizer 2 2.4.16
    Compact, fast, simple bookmark manager to store, organize, annotate, copy and backup large and/or multiple collections of Internet bookmarks/favorites and local shortcuts. Includes powerful organizing tools. For IE, Netscape, Opera and AOL users.

  • Best Flat Screen TV  92)   Best Flat Screen TV 1.0
    A Best Flat Screen TV Toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find the Best Flat Screen TV's around with Independent Advice.

  • Multi-Browser Viewer  93)   Multi-Browser Viewer 3.0
    A cross browser compatibility testing software package that compares, validates and archives your web site in more than 50 Web Browsers on Windows, Linux or Mac or browse using 20 Sandboxed Web browsers or 4 Mobile browsers / Emulators incl iPhone

  • iRider  94)   iRider 2.21
    The multi-page web browser. Visually browse multiple pages and sites in powerful ways. Acclaimed by PC Magazine and TechTV

  • Internet Explorer 6  95)   Internet Explorer 6
    The Internet Explorer 6 technologies include new and enhanced features that bring a new and exciting online experience to Windows.

  • Free Beat Maker  96)   Free Beat Maker 1.0 - Best Online <a href="">Free Beat Maker</a>

  • TV  97)   TV 2.0
    Watch 300+ LIVE world TV stations for FREE. TV is an extremely easy to use application and anyone can find their own favorite stations on TV. Music, news, educational, sports & shopping, together with TV in English, Spanish, German & Arabic sections

  • Watch live cricket matches online  98)   Watch live cricket matches online 5.4
    Watch live cricket matches online. You don't have to miss another big cricket match! Our software allows you to watch live cricket matches online.

  • PurgeIE Pro  99)   PurgeIE Pro 2.03
    PurgeIE Pro is a Cache and Cookie cleaner for Internet Explorer users to eliminate their surfing tracks. PurgeIE Pro includes 'secure erase' and support for Plugins. PurgeIE Pro manages its cleanup functions without requiring a system restart.

  • Freedomsoft Software  100)   Freedomsoft Software 1.7
    Freedomsoft software by preston ely is the a full business management solution for your real estate investing business. It provides leads, time management, and many other benefits.

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